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Community Outreach

Building Up Wamic Oregon


Wamic, Oregon is a small rural community of less than 100 people in central Oregon. 

As in many small communities across America, Wamic is losing its only social place for women and children to interact with other members of the community.  

This situation can cause a sense of lonesomeness and isolation for some of the most vulnerable but valued residents.

I feel it is time to change this situation.  Wamic needs a location available for  its citizens to meet, share and develop community interest. 

Some of the services that will be offered to the community through the outreach would include an area for consignment goods, sewing lessons, jewelry and basket making, Spanish classes and food preparations.

Ma’s Outpost will provide a safe place where women and children can socialize as well as learn in a safe, alcohol free environment.  No one will be forgotten at Ma’s Outpost.  Help me help Wamic by providing a safe strong community outreach location where children and families can grow strong together.  

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