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Making that Connection



Do you need a special touch and create an emotional connection with your guests?

Let Ma's Outpost's all natural soaps create your nitch.

All natural has spread all over the world and is expected everywhere you go.

This is not just a fad it is a life change!

Create a design, select a smell, and make it all yours.

How do you create an environment so your guests want to return again and again?

Create an emotional connection!

Smell, look, feel are all ways to connect to their senses and create memories.

Imagine walking into the bathroom with a beautiful flower on the sink. You open it up and realize it’s designed for sensitive skin; just what you needed. You cleanse your skin and feel how soft and clean it feels. The smell is invigorating and creates a memory in their mind.

You find yourself taking nice long luxurious baths and call up to the desk for more.

Seeing you have left over soaps they get packed in your bags so you can have that same experience at home.

While you are checking out you realize there are a bunch of amazing soaps for sale at the gift shop. I better buy a bunch for gifts and of course for myself for later.

Now they are coming back year looking for that same connection. 

You have created that Nitch.

You did it! They are in love! 


Provide these soaps for sell in your gift shop giving your guests the chance to take it home and brag to their families.

Let’s make your guests feel special by bathing in all natural luxury. 

How about instead of saving money on cheap amenities make money by bring guests to you!

Stop thinking cheap and start thinking luxury.

Add Ma's Outposts' soaps to your gift shop and rooms today. 

Call today for special rates!